"We never walk as one individual, but as 'One' Collective, embracing the forward movement of time and its affect on this life. The words are a reflection of where we are, where we want to be, as much as, where we've been." ~ CΠΩTΣ.


We reach to teach the peace the meek think to seek for all to be free. ~ CΠΩTΣ

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On Black Saturday Wisdom is Lit with CΠΩTΣ

Editorial Review

Phetote Mshairi , Miko The Artist, CNOTE, Jerica D. Wortham, Written Quincey


Kiss the night upon her fertile beauty

Say, I love you, thoroughly

5 elements clutch fist to power

That keen was cool, that keen is black

Like rings together, no gauntlet needed

We're all reaching for that soul stone

Giving it better with each, pure artifacts

-Excellence rest